Workshop Timetable

We are thrilled to present the workshop schedule for the inaugural Happy Feet Weekend! Our teaching team are diverse in their styles and influences and are all rooted in quality body movement that is deeply connected to the music.

The program below offers classes in Lindy Hop, Blues, and Jazz/Rhythm, and you have the ability to choose your own dance journey throughout the weekend. Focus on one style, or embrace it all!

Our amazing teaching team are expert at catering to all levels in a class and are sure to challenge and inspire you.

Craft your journey below!

Friday Night Taster Class (all levels)

7:30 - 8:15pm with Georgia and Kieran

O'Donnell Youth Centre, Limestone Ave, Braddon (Map)

Daytime Workshops


O'Donnell Youth Centre, Limestone Ave, Braddon (Map)

All Saints Church Hall, Cowper Street, Ainslie (Map)


O'Donnell Youth Centre, Limestone Ave, Braddon (Map)

Merici College Gymnasium, Limestone Ave, Braddon (Map)

Both days begin and end at O'Donnell Youth Centre with all in classes.
There is ample parking outside the centre accessible from Henty St.


* = Intermediate/Advanced in this style

No stars = open class (Beginner/Intermediate in this style)

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